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What Happens When Your Office 365 Subscription Runs Out

So, you are using all the latest versions of Office applications, all thanks to your well-informed decision of subscribing Office 365 that resides in the cloud (i.e. Microsoft’s servers). Not just you are enjoying the best and updated software suite from the industry giant Microsoft, but are also getting benefitted by unlimited tech support in the form of chat & calls, which means no query will bug you and you can stay all good with your performance and productivity. However, have you ever thought that what will happen if your Office 365 subscription runs out? Do you know what will happen if you stop paying for your subscription? Well, if this is something you never had thought about, let us tell you what happens when you do not renew your Office 365 subscription here in this small blog post.

Though, due to our heavy dependency on MS applications like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and more, we always incline to get our subscription renewed before it expires, but if we ignore to do the same, then things won’t be pleasing at all. As Office 365 is an on-demand version and resides in the cloud, thus it won’t be possible to access files that are stored locally! To put it simple, if one does not have an active subscription, their files will become essentially useless and they won’t be able to do anything productive. Though you can open your files, have a look at them too, but editing them is far away from possible. None of the editing options in Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. will work. You’ll be given a notification on the launch of the application that your subscription is expired and to keep working without interruption, you ought to renew or buy Office.

To avoid such unlikely circumstance, it is better to timely renew the subscription on time and potentially sweep off the all hassles. When you’ll renew your subscription, you can continue using office yet again. All your applications will be updated to their latest releases and will become functional to serve you the best. Howbeit, if you have decided to call it quits Office and no longer want the subscription, you can let the subscription expire by taking no action and ignoring all email notifications regarding the same. You can also cancel it before it expires on its own via ‘turn auto renew off’ option. If you still have some queries about your subscription, get help from the Office 365 community forums.

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