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Why Should You Consider Remote Monitoring?

All your systems—from POS systems to payroll programs—are computer-enabled. All it would take to leak personal information about your employees or customers, or to generally disrupt business, would be one good hacker.

This is why implementing the right cyber security in Atlanta, GA measures is so important. There are many ways to approach the security of your IT infrastructure, but one that is especially useful for business owners is to have systems remotely monitored.

Remote monitoring allows you to put possible security breaches out of your mind. With a trustworthy IT company to watch for issues, you can be sure that potential problems are identified and dealt with in an appropriate manner.

There are two types of remote monitoring—automatic monitoring and human monitoring. These are typically combined to provide the best level of cyber security possible. Automatic monitoring uses advanced programs that run around-the-clock to detect and disable the most common threats.

If a security threat is too complex or new, human intervention may be needed. In this case, IT professionals will contact the appropriate party to address the situation.

Remote monitoring extends far beyond basic cyber security. In fact, it can be used to increase productivity and streamline maintenance.

No matter what industry your business is in, downtime can cause thousands of dollars in cost, including actual and opportunity costs. Furthermore, it can lead to lost customers because some may lose trust in your services or company. By working with IT professionals who remotely monitor your system, you can get back online in no time.

By keeping your systems online, you can expect a higher level of productivity as well. Employees don’t have to spend hours doing busy work before switching back to their regular tasks. And studies have shown that having reliable systems leads to a higher level of employee morale.

Productivity and cyber security are also both highly reliant on continued maintenance of your IT infrastructure. With remote monitoring, you can ensure that your company’s systems, programs, and applications are all up-to-date.

Maintenance includes updating your business’s software, which allows everything to run faster and more seamlessly. This leads to less frustration and fewer slowdowns. Keeping your systems up-to-date also means that your security programs and applications are fully functioning.


Remote monitoring can benefit your company in many ways—from better productivity to increased cyber security. With eyes on your systems every hour of every day, you can stop potential problems in their tracks.

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