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Thinking of Network Security? Think of Firewalls!


For every organization no matter big or small, it is pivotal to ensure that their confidential data is safe and well-protected. Aren’t you floating in the same boat and looking for dependable security solutions? Well, if you are worried about unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources and thinking a suitable solution to get rid of all security woes, then you need to know about firewalls.

To maintain the security of a private network, firewalls are more than effective. For those who aren’t much sure what we are talking about, firewalls are software or hardware devices that monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic- they act as a ‘traffic cop’ to shield a computer or network from malicious or unnecessary network traffic. This network security system enforces access controls on the basis of defined set of security rules. By setting up online rules with the firewall, a company can monitor and control the access to certain websites, giving it the control of how employees use the network. They act as a barrier and keep all sorts of cyber threats like hackers, viruses, worms etc. at a bay.

There are 3 different types of firewalls, as stated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-10, viz.-

  • Packet Filters: Small amount of data (packets) are analyzed and distributed according to the filter’s standards. It is an early type of firewall device.
  • Stateful Inspection: You can see this as a traditional firewall that does not examine the content of each packet but compare their specific details to a database of reliable information.
  • Proxys: Proxy firewalls act as middlemen; they save online information and then sent to the requesting system.

Using firewalls, you can control computers of your home as well as workplace. So, in case you are searching for effective firewall solutions for your growing business, then you can trust BTS. To get more details, visit

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