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5 Tips to Speed Up a Computer That is Running Slow


Is your computer behaving like a lazy panda lately? Well, we feel you- we do understand that a slow-running computer can be the most annoying thing in the world, especially when you are up with a lot of work. However, there are certain tips and tricks that can transform your sluggish computer, making it run faster and better. Read the blog to know how you can fix your slow device and avoid a new pricey purchase-

  • Uninstall All Unused Programs

New computer systems are loaded with a number of programs. Only a few are used by you, and rest just eat up the hard drive space and contribute in slowing down your computer by running background processes. Simply delete unwanted programs and remove files that you don’t need to improve the performance of your dear system.

  • Disable Startup Programs

You can save memory and CPU cycles by preventing certain applications from launching at startup. Here’s how you can do this- Start > Run > Type ‘msconfig’ in Run > Press Enter.

You will see a ‘Startup’ tab, with all the programs checked that are loaded every time you start your computer. Deselect all the programs that aren’t needed to load and see the difference in the startup process of your PC.

  • Lighten Your Web Browser

Browsers are our go-to to reach the virtual world. As they are used way too much, there exists a high probability that they act slow and use more memory. To sort out the issue, you should use only those browser extensions and add-ons that you use frequently and remove the ones that you do not need. You can remove them from your web browser’s Extensions or Add-ons manager.

  • Run Disk Clean-up

Most of the people are not aware, but there is a de-cluttering tool in Windows called ‘Disk Cleanup’. This tool is designed to help users free up disk space on their computer’s hard drive.

Search Disk Cleanup from the taskbar, select it from the results and get rid of the unnecessary large files such as temporary Internet files, program installers etc. to speed up your system.

  • Reset Your PC

If nothing seems to work and you are stuck, then you can choose to reset your Windows and enjoy a fresh Windows system. There is a ‘Reset Your PC’ option in Windows that will restores Windows to its factory default configuration. Use this and relish the biggest boost in the performance of your computer.

Apart from these DIY tricks, you can always avail the help of business IT Solutions specialists – contact a trusted computer repair service to help you improve your system performance.




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